• Project Name: Ödemiş RES
  • Location : Ödemiş / İZMİR
  • Turbine Model x Number: N117 DELTA (3.0 MW) x 7
  • Total Capacity: 21 MW
  • Service Scope: Site Management, Investor Side Blade Exchange Project
  • Start and Finish Date: July 2016 – August  2016


The blades of 6 Delta / N117 / 3000 turbines have been changed as part of the Odemiş Kanat Exchange project. The disassembling was done with the disassembling of stars. The old blades were dismantled on the ground and replaced with new ones. A star lift operation was performed again and all disassembly-assembly operations for each turbine were completed within 3 days, and the exchanging was completed.